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Francois Gautier Another Hindunazi Propagandist of Rediff.
by Observer Observer on Feb 17, 2007 10:47 PM   Permalink | Hide replies

It can be only in India that a foreginer like Francois Gautier is let loose to spread venom and divide the society as long as his agenda confirms to RSS VHP and other Hindu Militant Oragnization ,no wonder a saint like Mother Teresa is not accepted by the Hindu Nazis but a hired Hindunazi propagandist finds place in the fundamentalist Hindu society, this self styled and self proclaimed FRENCH historian is writing utter nonsense without any references and proof , his whole aim like seems to be to further the agenda of Hindu terrorist organizations like VHP Bajrang Dal etc.

If Aurangzeb was such a bad guy they you need to look at the temples in Aurangabad which were given regular donations and maintenace funds by him, if the Muslim rulers were so bad and forced people to conversion all of India would be Muslim after 1100 years of rule.

The attemps by the Hindunazi thinktank and "hired propagandist" like Farncois is to create a rift amongst the different religious minorities in India by propagating lies and exagerating the conflict of the Mughals and the early Sikhs.But the fact is that Aurangzeb was applying the rule of the law and crushing the rebellion in Punjab atleast he did not kill innocents like Hindu fundamnetalists do against Muslims and Sikhs and Christians, the Hindunazis and the Hindu fundamentalists called Bhindranwale a terrorist when he was also doing teh same to have a independent Sikh land , what right does India have to control sikhs and punjab , they have a different identity and different religion and right deserve a nation,but the confused hired and underpaid Hindunazi think-tank comprising individuals like Francoise is unethical and unprofessional in their profession of propaganda.

Indeed the Hindunazis will hate the Muslims rulers and come up with false stories of cruelty , if they were they would have not been alive now, anywayz as I said the Hindunazis hate the Muslims rulers becuase the Muslims rulers topped their age old practice of killing the lower castes and punished the Hindunazis for doing so.

I wonder if this hired propagandist has the guts to write about the laws of Manusmriti like pouring hot oil in th ears of the lower caste by the Superior Castes in Hinduism ,before the Muslim rulers stopped it and punished the so called superior castes for doing so, no he will not write about that becuase he wont get paid for that , indeed a propagandist doesn care for truth but for the porpaganda he is paid for , but there are still many eminent historians who know the truth and history cannot be replaced with propaganda like this article in a series of articles by rediff to further the agenda of RSS VHP and other Hindu Nazi organizations.

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  RE:Francois Gautier Another Hindunazi Propagandist of Rediff.
by Anil Mishra on Feb 17, 2007 11:12 PM   Permalink
This is Bull shit, why you termed RSS VHP as a Militant Organization. Are they creating violence in any other country or in India. This is not good. You should correct your statement. You are definitly not from India.

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  RE:RE:Francois Gautier Another Hindunazi Propagandist of Rediff.
by Observer Observer on Feb 18, 2007 12:04 AM   Permalink
Yes I was wrong that RSS, VHP is a militant organization , its a Hindunazi terrroist organization under the guise of a cultural organization to gather funds from foregin sources and use it against the religiou sminorities in India

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  RE:Francois Gautier Another Hindunazi Propagandist of Rediff.
by Day lambu on Feb 17, 2007 11:21 PM   Permalink
Who is this by the way? You sound like an Al Qaeda propogandist. You should realize that it is only in India, only in the 5000 year old Hindu culture of diversity and tolerance that people like you will be allowed to express your lopsided opinion, freely. Let me remind your ignorant self that Hindu-"ism" is not a religion like other organized religions and organizations like RSS and VHP, which are not true representation of the Hindu culture, have surfaced only because centuries of muslim, british oppression and half century of congress minority-ism. However, inspite of all this, inspite of RSS and VHP, inspite of muslim population growing at a faster rate due to excessive procreation, the Hindu culture and philosophy will thrive another 5000, when any of these organized religions will cease to exist.

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  RE:Francois Gautier Another Hindunazi Propagandist of Rediff.
by gurpreet johar on Feb 17, 2007 11:19 PM   Permalink
I dont agree to your observation on comparing sikhs with other relgns, the 9th sikh guru was beheaded under aurangzebs rule for protecting the right of hindus to remain hindus...this was not a fight to control a piece of land..
and again VHP and congress are not different one wants to exploit hindu sentiment and other wants to exploit muslims..
and what this article tells is truth but not complete truth because the story behind bhindrawale and indira gandhi needs to be told ,

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