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ISKCON is anti-hindu
by Sameer Bhagwat on Jun 11, 2007 06:47 PM

After 24yrs of following Iskcon closely(i live on 5th Av.) I can tell u that iskcon and iskcon followers are anti-hindu. While the whole of India believes that krishna is an avatar of Lord Vishnu, iskcon preaches total opposite that the krishna is the supreme godhead and that the soul and power behind vishnu is also of krishna's. And i have seen their swamis mocking other hindu gods like Shiva,Kali, Ganesha and others saying that they are not true gods cos they have too many arms or carry too many weapons or ride animals or look weird etc. Also some iskcon followers are some of the most arrogant people i have met in my life. They don't want to see beyond krishna and behave as if iskcon has the patent to Lord Krishna. Iskcon also matches Islam in extremism . Whereas Islam says "There is no god but Allah" Iskcon is like " There is no god but Krishna". Also Iskcon followers won't go to a Shiv temple or Ganesha temple or Hanuman mandir saying that we have discovered the true god krishna so there's no need to worship false gods. All these things are against the basic beliefs of Hinduism.
due to this i left Iskcon in the late 80s. And i think that in the coming decades we are going to see the militant side of Iskcon.
If u want to see for yourself just say to a true iskcon follower that krishna is not a god but an Avatara of Lord Vishnu. U will be amazed at their arguments :)

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